Friday, December 24, 2010

Please help me :(

2 different clinics, 2 doctors, 8 prescriptions. Non giving me better conditions. The cough is getting worse.

Sakit :( tiap malam muntsss terok. Kepala rasa nak pecah everytime batuk. Lengan, chest, perut. Semua rasa nak pecah bila batuk.

A week of sleepless nights and days.

I can't sleep. I keep on coughing the whole day.

I need to go to the hospital. But I am afraid, the doctor will prescribe the same drugs.

I couldn't stand the pain. I cried every nights and days when there is no one around.

I need extra attention. I need my parents.


p/s: I miss home :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

salam.ade kahak x ain?ke batuk kering?how many week, day dah?
ain ade asthma kan?breathing cmne?ade chnages?bunyi?breathlessif rase xthn cmni g la hopital g kecemasan terus.

text me if ade pape nk tnye ok? ade no kan?
take care babe.