Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February baby :)

It's the last day of January already.
I rarely spent time on blogging nowadays.
Only blogwalking.
I am not that busy, I am not that occupied but DEFINITELY that LAZY. LOL.

I am a February baby.
In fact, I am only a February baby on leap years.
Sad? Nahhhh. It's exciting!
I mean, I rarely celebrate, so it's kinda fun to celebrate once in a while. *denial*

Tak sabar tunggu 29/2.
Ada apa?
Tak ada apa pun.
Tapi sebab birthday sendiri, so excited lebih di ctuh.
Oh, I am becoming 24 in a month!!
That "grown up" I must say.

Am I prepared?
Well, emotionally no.
My parents still treat me like a kid.
Not in a bad way, of course.

Life is happy.
Occupied with family and friends.
Nothing more to ask for.
Except Samsung Galaxy Note / SII
And and and oh, permanent job.
Still finding one.
Sementara tuh mari kita chill dekat agensi sekarang since boleh dapat free entrance untuk swimming pool dia. lololololol. EPIC FUN!

Ok sudah merepek banyak.
Actually in between posts, ada banyak aktiviti dibuat.
Jalan-jalan carik makan kat tempat sedap-sedap.
Jalan-jalan cuci mata.
Jalan-jalan pergi main badminton bersama bff.
Macam-macam lah aktiviti yang dibuat.
Tapi haram satu pun tak amik gambar.
Terlalu sibuk berborak and bergelak tawa, plus takda camera.
Makanya, malas nak cerita nya punnn.

Anyways, di kesempatan tok, nak ajak yang berada di Kuching if rajin.
Mun takorang rajin, datang lah open house MBKS thic coming Saturday :)
Thousands of free food will be given out to public, sempena perayaan Konyeng-konyeng. hiks.
So, embaklah bag kosong ka, tupperware besar ka, kotak lekak a4 paper ka k tapau.
I heard last year Sugarbun given out thousand of free burgers. Hehehehhe.

Till then, cheerio!

p/s: I am actually missing those moments. Yeah, the one with that person :) Heeeee.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 months

It's my 6th monthsary here at this agency.
How time flies, huh?

Happy 6th monthsary to me and my other 2 friends.
Gonna celebrate it with dimsum later.

my happy face

toodles! :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A very random post

These 2 days sangatlah awesome ok.
Been out yesterday's night and also hari nih dengan the sampe people.
Just that today I went out dengan sorang jer lah.

How amazing kan when some strangers, ok, not strangers lah, but kenalan gitu-gitu become closest friends ever.
And I miss my clique too.
So much.
All 6 of them.
Even though Nija is around, but she's too busy.
Plus, kesian lah, weekdays berhempas pulas kerja. Pagi turun awal, petang balik lambat. Nak ajak keluar pun tak sampai hati. Unless i know how to drive lah kan. Boleh ajak orang keluar.

Oh, talking about driving.
At last, semalam my 1st class (theories) for driving thingy.
Next week computer test, if lulus, then proceed dengan 6 hours bengkel.
You know, blaja tukar tayar, cek condition kereta bla3.
Then lepas tuh baru lah praktikal driving.
Cuak ok.

Semalam malam went out to this restaurant called Magna Carta. Dia dekat Old Court House opposite of Kuching Waterfront.
Food was ok lah. Not that bad, but there are some places better lah.
The price?
Something like Chilli's lah.
Aku takdalah mampu makan tempat mahal macam tuh.
Tapi being 6 months working, that's my 1st time lah makan tempat mahal guna duit sendiri.
Hehehehehhehe. So, agak berkira :P
Gambar makanan and lain takda pulak ambik.
Maybe if my friends uploaded them, boleh lah cilok from her. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

And today, keluar berdua jer dengan Maini.
It was fun.
Pergi minum dekat Swee Kang, OMG sangat sedap laksa dia.
Then went to One Jaya.
My first time there.
Quite surprising jugaklah lah.
Sebab tempat dia simple, tapi boleh tahan.
Most outlet dalam tuh macam orang yang jual online stuff and bukak own boutique.
So baju dia nice jugaklah, I mean affordable price punya range lah kan.
Janganlah compare dengan jenama up nih.
I pun tak mampu youuuuuu.
And jumpa kedai muslimah jual shawl best2 :P

Oh oh.
Then we tried this yummy frozen yogurt called Hielo.
Tapi kan best if dia punya style macam Tutti Frutti.
Hielo nih lebih kepada macam Ice Cream vendor.
Kita order jenis kita nak, dorang prepare for us.
Not like Tutti Fruitti, boleh pilih sendiri, banyak pilihan lagi.
Hielo only has 3 main type of yogurts ; strawberry, original and green tea.

 this was mine.
it's called Olivia.
it has strawberries and cakes.
suppose to be cakes biasa, tapi they ran out of cakes, so instead I had brownies! yummehh!

Oh, we bought this 3 in 1 coney dog.
Besar gila ok sosej dia. 
Like twice of 1901.
Tapi sedap!
After Hielo-ing, we went to Cold Storage.

Almost got knocked by the car in front of us. 
Masa tuh kitorang tengah queue nak masok basment.
Dia punya card tuh macam stuck so the was a queue lah kan.
Ada 2 kereta in front of ours.
Kereta paling depan stuck dekat macine ticket tuh lah.
The one in front of us macam tak sabar nak tunggu, and he suddenly reverse his car secara laju without looking through the rear mirror. 
Almost knocked us okkkkkkkkkkkkk!!
That was scary.
I went panic, tak tau nak buat apa.
Luckily Maini tekan hon kuat and lama gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Masa tuh baru dia tengok the rear mirror.
Stress ok!! -_-

Anyways, groceries shopping was fun!
Tapi limited bajet lah kan.
So i bought a bag of mixed salad, extra virgin olive oil, mixed nuts and 5 of Black Pepper Crab instant noodles. LOL.
Why oh why is the diet food is way expensive than the normal food?
Stress ok nak beli salad banyak2 pun out of bajet dah -_-"

After that we go sight seeing area Green Heights.
Rumah orang kaya kat ctuh.
So cuci mata seeing those sexy cars and houses.

Productive days I must say.
Only when I have extra money lah kan.
Will definitely do that again next time.
Oh man, can't wait bila dah pandai drive nanti.
Tak payah susahkan orang, siap boleh pick them up lagi for strolling around.

Anyways, new look for 2012.
Start guna shawl balik instead of tudung bawal only.
With different styles to suit my "bulatness"
And ohh, a tad of make up :)
I tak pandai make up.
I only know how to apply eyeliner.
And of course lah BB Cream and Foundation. 
Tuh jer. Oh oh, Lipstick sikit. 
But not the red one, I prefer pink. :)

Very simple kan?
Rasa macam mature betul lah bila dah reti nak make up before keluar.
Tapi aku still keluar simple jer.
Kadang-kadang jer make up.

Lama tak rambling dalam blog.
Cerita pun mengarut jer.
Takda faedah pun.
Esok Monday, hopefully a productive week ahead.

Selamat bertugas semula everyone :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's 2012, finally!
There are so much of ups and downs in 2011.
Guess listing them out will do, randomly.

1. I graduated! After years of studying, finally, I graduated!

2. Even though it is not a real job, but I actually am experiencing the working world. Maybe it's not a real job yet, so I still don't feel the pressure that much. yet.

3. Back in Kuching for good, of course :)


4. I lost my beloved Nenek.

And that's the biggest down of the year. Nothing can top that. Even the ups doesn't sound that exciting much anymore.

Anyways, nothing much to say. I am that lazy, so I can just end it here then :D

*actually kinda blur right now, will update again later if iI can think of anything more*

Happy New Year everyone! :)

My only wish this year is to secure a permanent job and to get my ideal weight, insyaAllah. The efforts are there, I just need continuous determinations and supports :)

Till then :)