Monday, January 2, 2012


It's 2012, finally!
There are so much of ups and downs in 2011.
Guess listing them out will do, randomly.

1. I graduated! After years of studying, finally, I graduated!

2. Even though it is not a real job, but I actually am experiencing the working world. Maybe it's not a real job yet, so I still don't feel the pressure that much. yet.

3. Back in Kuching for good, of course :)


4. I lost my beloved Nenek.

And that's the biggest down of the year. Nothing can top that. Even the ups doesn't sound that exciting much anymore.

Anyways, nothing much to say. I am that lazy, so I can just end it here then :D

*actually kinda blur right now, will update again later if iI can think of anything more*

Happy New Year everyone! :)

My only wish this year is to secure a permanent job and to get my ideal weight, insyaAllah. The efforts are there, I just need continuous determinations and supports :)

Till then :)


amira said...

jom aen..kte target ideal weight sesame!!

Hariq-Sha said...

jommmm kakak!!! before bandung trip! :P insyaAllah.... :D