Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th February 2012, Dragon Year

At around 7.26am on this date, 24 years back, a girl was born.
She has been known as Ain Shaqirah since then :)

I am 24 today.
It has been a very good year so far.

I got a job offer, starting on March 1st.
I had once wished to get a new job for my birthday, and Alhamdulillah, Allah's will, I do have one :)
InsyaAllah, will be a permanent one.
Pray for me ya?

Takda apa yang aku perlukan lebih buat masa nih.
Aku ada keluarga yang happy, kawan-kawan yang tersayang.
Semua cukup sempurna.

Cuma, harap goal nak capai ideal weight tuh berjaya lah dalam tahun nih :D teeeheee :P


Sunday, February 19, 2012

One thing You Can't Buy Anywhere. One of the most precious memories ever :)

I prolly just had the best birthday dinner EVER! :)
Thank you so much to my bestfriend since childhood, Amira, for all the effort she had pulled off for last night.
Thank you so much sayang :)
So very much.
She actually organised the dinner to celebrate my advance birthday (29/02/2012, yes, mine is on leap year) and  Anum's belated birthday (15/02/2012).
And Mira will be going back to Miri this coming Friday, back to her Uni's life. I is sad ok :(
That's the main reason of the early celebration of my birthday.

Anyways, here are some photos from the night.
This won't be a long post since I am that lazy, and awesome.
We had a dinner reservation at this cool place called Sharing Planet.
Nice place, great ambiance and serene too, I must say.

first and foremost
Le Celebrated Birthday Girls :D

Le crowd that night :)
Thank you guys!!!!!
You guys rock million times!
We have from left Syafique, Le moi, Maini (standing), Amira, Anum, Liyana, Eda, Effa, Ainiza,Khairil and last but not least, Syed :D

Le Birthday Girls with Le Organiser, Miss Mira@Mea
Thank you so much sayang for the effort you have made.

Le Girls that night :)
We all fine I must say.
Proud to have such beauties as friends.
Thanks girls!

Le Greatest Birthday Cakes EVER!
Oh myyyy, so nice, so great, so cool even the Red Velvets are the best!
And FYI, those flowers are actually cupcakes too!
And those crowns have our names on it!

Le us with our birthday cakes, or should I say birthday cupcakes? :)
Thanks sayang, your pastry maker's the best!

And of course, last but not least, the most awesome ever...

Le birthday gifts!!!
The Lomo set was from Mira herself and Anum and Liyana too! :)
And Cecilia Ahern's 'Thanks for the Memories' from Eda :D the card too!
The pendant necklace was actually goodies for everyone(girls) invited that night.
Some got rings and some got pendant necklaces depending on your luck cause they were packed in the cute love box above.

Oh oh, lemme say something about those birthday presents.
The lomo camera.
Actually I have been eyeing lomo camera for some times.
And I have been looking around that things together with Mira, and she was all "Please we buy that for our Sabah trip in April".
So, I was like, you bought that underwater and I bought the ordinary ones, something like that.
TWICE! we went to the same shop.
And never I thought she would bought that for my birthday present.
She's the best and I love her!

And the book.
I have been planning to buy that book too.
And now I got it for my present. 
Oh my, my friends are so cool.
Thank you Allah for the friends you have given me.

I am still excited about last night.
Thus, the sudden update of the blog.

That's all then.


One of the things you can't afford to buy, even when you have tons of money :)

Alhamdulillah, I have the greatest treasure of all.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One of those days

I usually went into busy mode like once in a week.
So, today is one of them.

And I feel miserable!
Not because of the amount of works piling up on my desk,
but it's because the mess that they make to my desk.
I LOATHE messy desk.
That's why my desk is always clear after every work I did.
And sebab tuh jugak orang selalu sindir meja terlalu tidy.

Anyways, did u see the calendar?
Or can't you?
Hehehehehhe. Dah mark birthday sendiri. Sangat vain di ctuh.

Klah, kerja memanggil.
Kena siapkan before balik.
Tak tahan tinggalkan meja penuh fail.
Nanti kang keesokan pagi semangat hancur masuk office tengok meja bersepah.

Babai :D