Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One of those days

I usually went into busy mode like once in a week.
So, today is one of them.

And I feel miserable!
Not because of the amount of works piling up on my desk,
but it's because the mess that they make to my desk.
I LOATHE messy desk.
That's why my desk is always clear after every work I did.
And sebab tuh jugak orang selalu sindir meja terlalu tidy.

Anyways, did u see the calendar?
Or can't you?
Hehehehehhe. Dah mark birthday sendiri. Sangat vain di ctuh.

Klah, kerja memanggil.
Kena siapkan before balik.
Tak tahan tinggalkan meja penuh fail.
Nanti kang keesokan pagi semangat hancur masuk office tengok meja bersepah.

Babai :D

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