Monday, April 18, 2011

I am not in your life anymore

Have you ever feel like you have been lied before?

There's this one person who promised me that he'll never be like my ex. 

Wanna know the great story? He's just like the previous one. 

I tried to deny it, but well, tak boleh dah kot.

Dia cakap dia nak berpisah cara aman. Well, I am ok with that, untill...I don't know what's his problem is, but he kept bugging me with things that hurt me.

Oh,  I am using this blog to communicate with him, because you know why? He's reading this. Yeah, he reads all my post. And he replied them through either ym or SMS.

Anyways, I have said what I said, so if you wanna say anything, you know where to find me. You cakap I kutuk you kan? Or it's just you tak boleh terima the facts yang memang you selalu sakitkan hati I?

Whatever it is, I am not going to take back my words. Try to accept the facts that some of them are true. It has been months ok. Bukan baru semalam. Dah berbulan dah kita takda apa.  Dah berbulan jugak you ada orang lain. So why do you keep on rubbing my face with all the nonsense? Kenapa buat baik kat I, when in the end you tetap sakitkan hati I? Why? I know that you are using me sometimes. But still, I don't give a damn, coz I still remember the goods you have done for me. 

Oh, I am sorry sebab kita end like this. 

I am sorry if it hurts you. But I am more sorry for myself sebab bertahan dengan you. 

Thanks for the good ones, and sorry for the bad ones.

Be happy.

p/s: Sometimes, kita takkan dapat apa yang kita nak. Aku try tengok diri aku sendiri, I don't deserve someone who treats me like shits. And you? You deserve someone who is cold and mean so she can survives you. I wish it won't be true though. I don't know what's your problem is, but why can't you stop stalking me through my blog? Not getting enough? What do you want? Details of my life? I am confused.


Redbloodsnow said...

I don't deserve someone who treats me like shits. <-- yeah! zie setuju. qeerah deserved someone yg mengharagi qeerah :)

Hariq-Sha said...

thank you kak! :)