Friday, January 2, 2009

Dec Hols..huh

wowwieeee...long time no blogging aahh :D

what can i say, back at home in kuching, with no internet sucks BIG time mann! the only connection left is the MATANG's KFC WIFI, which is actually a 5 to almost 10mins of walking from home..hmm..home was great but the city wasn't..tsk tsk..i know i know, it's kuching should be fun..but then, most of the cool friends werent there with me :( and i am stuck at home like the whole dec!! dang! and i only had like 2 days of outing..(darn it~!) which were the 1st was with peruz and naj and the 2nd was with asrap n and was great though to see them after like almost a year.. :)

so, what did i do during the hols? here goes nothing(really, i mean..NOTHING!!) :

1. my coursemates regardless what batch there are spend some times in kuching..since i am the only kuching-ian or even sarawakian in the bunch, i was opposed as the Exco Program which mean, i needed to arrange all the programs and places in Kuching(like hell i know every place there..haha). they arrived in kuching on am of 23rd and went back to kl on pm of 27th. it was fun though..i mean the whole experience with them. and guess what, bcoz of them, i successfully forced myself to naek the perahu tambang which cost us 40cent per head. i am scared actually to naek the perahu since i had a bad experienced with one when i was 3 or 4..can't remember. all in all, they were fun, out trips were fun, and im glad im a sarawakian coz the place were fun too :) see the leg la..sape pilih..?? hahhahaa :P i'll fill u in about the trip nest time ya..since there's so much to tell :)

2. after the trip, i started to feel the jet lag. i mean after a week in kuching and only then to have jet lag, what a weirdo i am. i dont know y but i still cudnt adapt much yet. maybe bcoz too much time spent with the non-sarawakian. i lost track of time. as usual, everytime im back home, the nights will be the days and vice versa for me. so, i'd not call it a night until it was 6 or stuck at home, watching tv all day long..trying to catch up the new series and stuff and also doing that boring thing which was watching the ulangans of the same series every time i got back home..lame wasn it? nothing much happe at home..

3. i got my haircut short! when i said short, i mean it like SHORT short! it's not that rihanna kinda short coz mine is still longer than her but slightly longer laaa... :) and i love the feel of it coz it's i might keep it short..just maybe i'll change the styles.. :D (hey, it aint a sin to play with ur hairstyles eventhough u wear like to style myhair) but then it's getting longer day by day now...just 4 weeks now and im feeling like i have my old long hair already..huhu..

4. i went for DSLR hunting whilst my parents especially my mom went hunting for a NEW laptop. it's kinda sad coz the sony alpha i wanted was out of stock. so i went straight changing my mind by looking at Nikon D80..and again, D80 was out of production since d90 is out! mann! are u kidding or what??!! d90 was like toooooo and wayyyy expensive i tell u..!! then at last i made my mind, CANON EOS 450D. then again, out of stock! damn it!! i felt like someone's grabbed my heart and twisted it! it just felt so wrong and so frustrating!! :'( but still, eventho everything's out of stock, i finally made it clear to my parents no matter how long it takes, i still gonna go for CANON EOS 450D :) i mean it's worth the money considering the function is almost as superb as NIKON D90 or even the out-dated D80. and to sony, im sorry for not choosing u. i realized that eventho sony alpha is cool but the accessories are too expensive man! gla apa..i dont want to spent so much in short time only for the sony alpha..u must be asking me y dont i just buy it here in KL? haha..i's bcoz the kedai there in kuching offers me a rm500 of free gift if i buy from them..and since i already surveyed it here in KL before the hols, and there's no such kedai as dermawan as that kedai in kuching, i decided i'll wait for february for the stock..teeehheee :P i hope it's in february though since i'll be having my so-not-in-the-calendar bday! u's not a leap year :(

all in all, that was what my hols looked sounds so BORING aight? dont blame me..blame the stupid hols! eventho i miss kuching, but when im in kuching i miss KL so damnn much!! huhu..

i'll fill u in more about my new semester just about after this entry..hihihi :D toodles!


liyana kamal said...

ain! dslr murah eh kat kuching??
waaaaaa.. bley tumpang kirim nih. hehe.

Hariq-Sha said...

takdelah murah's about the same jer..standard price la...yg canon eos 450d tuh rm2999..tuh harga body+lens die kat kedai ain bli tuh die bg free gift worth rm500 cmtuh la...bag, 4gb flashcard n 1m tripod :)

lyana pon nak bli? yay! boleh share hobby nt :)