Friday, January 9, 2009

again again again....

ok people. hear me!

it's the 2nd day i didn't turn up for lectures! i mean, it doesn't sounds that bad if it wasn't 2 days in A ROW!!! huhu. again. all the tribute to STUPID DIARRHOEA. i thought that the sickness's gone last night since i didn't continuously going in and out of the toilet. huhu. but then later that night, or precisely this early morning, again i stress here, EARLY as if VERY VERY EARLY in the morning, it starts again. dang! i thought i am all over this diarrhoea thing so i could get a nice sleep, but i didn't!! :'(

today's lectures was all packed without any gaps between them. which mean i really really really fudged up!! darn~ i missed so many lectures. and considering today's lectures' is on Toxicology, Parasitology n Entomology and Biostatistic, i am really missing out a BIG DEAL!! benci laaaa~~

huhu. i don't even get my lunch or even a nice simple breakfast. 'coz i am scared i'll have to go to the toilet again and again. and now i am very very very hungry!! :((

i guess i just wait for my dinner. bye bye lunch! i don't have anymore energy to go to the cafe. i really am in bad condition.

gotta go! very dizzy. gotta go and eat a biscuit before i swallow the medication. as much as i love my mom's job, i still hate the hospitals and drugs though. it's only for the sick. and not me!! huhu T_T


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nadyra aiza said...

la yeke..
cian kat ain..
get well soon k!!
take care~