Saturday, January 3, 2009

i need money..tsk tsk

lepas penat berkejaran ngan masa smpai la ke damansara untuk setel ptptn, me myself having a bad fever later that night, again! aishh..

slept early at 8pm and awoke at 4am..then sleep again at 6am and just awake about half an hour ago. tiresome it was. i hate fever. i hate getting sick even the slightest headache.

i am going to have the JAKSA's 1st meeting for this new semester at 1500hours. still in the hols mood and also the sick mood, i am confirm to be so blur later this afternoon meeting session. hmmph!

ok. since the new semester had kicking in a few days back, to be exact on the 30/12/2008, so here's the subject for me this time :

NE3032 : Kualiti Air/ Water Quality
NE2023: Parasitology & Entomology
NE2042: Biostatistik Gunaan/ Applied Biostatistic
NE2043: Mikrobiologi Persekitaran/ Environmental Microbiology
NE2063: Toksikologi Asas/ Basic Toxicology
NE2083: Epidemiology

see. how tough the semester is. i have to work hard though. with all the "logys" subject, i am surely have to work extra harder. aissh. future comes first. :)

i am not in a good shape to type a long one this time. just wanna inform about my subjects :)

till then. toodles!

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