Friday, January 9, 2009

tagged tagged..

Since i have been tagged, so i owed putri some answers la kan? :)

*Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng'tag' dia.

Puteri Nadhirah Aiza

1. my ex-floor mate in matrix :) A3.T4 rawks!
2. usually in silent mode..less talk..
3. someone who has her earphone on her 24/7
4. loves music so much
5. she's nice..
6. she's taking accounting now in MMU..accounting rawks man! hehe
7. also my next room neighbour..
8. so very the hardworking type..
9. she used to love Physics.. :)
10. oh oh...i love all the gadgets she have with her..heheh..back in matrix time laa... :)

*Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara sesuatu pasal diri mereka.

1. currently a student of Environmental Health in UKM KL Campus
2. eldest child which will be the most spoiled and pampered one..hoho..
3. kinda shy, when she's with someone new or she barely knew..
4. and very talkative when she's with her closest ones..
5. very very very secretive..she prefers to bottled up everything to herself rather than sharing to others..
6. loves travelling so much!
7. addicted to DSLR photography and also guitar!
8. oh please bring me to the beach and we'll have some bbq and music. :)
9. crazy about this acoustic guitar thingy
10. last but not least, i have dimples!! hahaha :))

*At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. Nurul Hayani Abu Siroh
2. Liyana Kamal
3. Diana Hassan
4. Diyanah Inani
5. Faeizah
6. Farah Suhaila
7. Peruz
8. Nad Sori
9. Ikah Kosnon
10.Khairani Abd Rahman :)

p/s: if the listed name above read this post, feel free to answer me...dlm komen pon boleh :) xoxo


nadyra aiza said...

yes.. i used to "love" fizik..
dulu2 la..hahaha..

yhnx ain.. rjnkn dri wat bnd ni.. :)

Hariq-Sha said... dh sudi tag, so ain buat jer :)