Thursday, January 15, 2009

For U Palestine =)

As i said in my previous entry, UNTUKMU PALESTIN has ended officially. and again, here, i hope that the FREE PALESTIN spirit is still in OUR heart :)

i don't want to post any news on how many PALESTINIANS died each day 'cause it's too, ermm, SAD. even thinking and seeing the pictures of the suffering citizens can make people cry. but then, please keep yourself updated with the news from papers and stuff ya?

ok, since my first intention for this entry is to report a bit about the UNTUKMU PALESTIN, so, i will tell you my experience on both days of the program. UNTUKMU PALESTIN was held on the 10th and 11th of January 2009. the first event was the Larian Amal to collect money for the PALESTINIANs. thank Allah 'cause everything went smooth although i wasn't there that morning.

ok. now my part. last December hols, i received this message from the Protokol for Pertandingan Mewarna Kanak-kanak & Dekorasi Kek. she asked me whether i could be the judge for both events. i was delighted 'cause i like this type of events which involve kids. it's really cute. =)

i am sorry 'cause i don't have any pictures taken for the Pertandingan Mewarna Kanak-kanak. but then, all the pictures were taken by the AJK of the events. i thought it was a simple task you know. being the judge for kids thingy. but then, when i was judging the arts, i was like "errmm, yang nih cantik la. yang tuh pon sama. awak rasa camne ek? awak suke yang mane? tp kan, yang nih mcm kemas lagi dari yang nih. tapi pastuh yang satu nh tone warna die lagi cantik. susah la nak pilih. yang tak menang dapat ape? bape org jer dpt hadiah nh? so, the conclusion is, never underestimate children. some of them even have the BIGGEST talent of all compare to us adult. haha :)) this competition was divided into 3 categories which are A: below 7 years old, B: 7-9 years old and C: 10-12 years old.

now, how about the Dekorasi Kek? it was fun. i mean seeing all the contestants decorate the cakes. very colourful. some contestant even brought their own chocolate rice and those very very little Hershey's-alike topping. very cute. this competition was divided into 2 categories. A: below 12 years old and B: below 25 years old. 25? yes! it was very interesting you know. this event got very good responds from KL-ians. :) congratulations to the organizer! =D

ok. that's all about those 2 events. on the night of 10th, there was a FORUM about the PALESTINIAN and the ISRAELI OCCUPATION. to hear from a Palestinian itself was different you know. having thought about his own father who is now captured and jailed in GAZA city. very sad! and there he is, in Malaysia, still pursuing his goal to graduate, and very safe. i can't even imagine how he feels. he's is tough. like other MUJAHIDDINs and the SYAHIDS.

oh, and on the night of 11th, there was a concert called WE HEAR WE SEE. since it's a fundraiser, NASYEED.COM had sponsored all the PA SYSTEM. the artist were Nazrey Johani, ALGEBRA, Mua'dz and IN-TEAM. i like all the HADITH made into songs. very touching. and of course perfect and nice, 'cause it's the HADITH from our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. =) oh ya, it's also the Closing Ceremony for the event. that night, RM 17000 has been given to AMAN PALESTIN, who also co-sponsored the event together with NASYEED.COM.

all in all, congratulation to all the organizer for such a successful event! :) i enjoyed it very much. may the PALESTINE be free! Amin! Allahuakbar!!




P/S: I tried to upload several times some pictures but i failed. so next time i'll upload it ya? :) next entree maybe =)


Anonymous said...

sudah lame tidak singgah di sini
oo..patotla.ain lupe taruk ain pnye belog kt list blog ain sebab hari tu tuka layout.wuwuwu
nt ain taruk~

Hariq-Sha said... problemo! thanks for reading anyway :)

syukruzlan said...

salam...ain, to make it only sponsored 3/4 for the PA system....hahahaha

overall....nice post...keep nlogging ya ^-^

Hariq-Sha said...

yeh?? seriously?? sorry2...tersalah fakta takpelah...3/4 is kind like major part jugak dorang sponsored...heheh..


thanx for reading..mane dpt link nh??