Friday, January 2, 2009

thank GOD~! ^_^

i am thanking God for all the energy and patience i have today. kalo tak, dah lama i mengamuk dalam pejabat PTPTN td haa.. :| goes the journey off settling the stupid PTPTN thingy :

1. i went to class today thinking about the PTPTN, and only PTPTN was in my fudging mind! :S the 1st lecture of the day is Biostats, and of course i am gonna feel sleepy. but am NOT! y? i kept thinking about PTPTN...stupid stupid stupid! :( all in all, i was successful enough of getting myself out of focus, TOTALLY!! it aint good for me :( coz i always perform in studies when i focus in lectures.

2. after the last class ended i went straight to KL Sentral since the PTPTN KL's Branch is there. it is Friday so it would be great to hit the monorail before the really really peak hour moment which of coz will be DAMN crowded. so, mira went with me. thanks a lot! :) accompanying me to the Sentral was enough.

3. headed to McD to grab some lunch. however, we didnt dine in since mira hafta catch the bus to her place. so take away it iwas. we both had McD's Chicken Prosperity Burger (yum yum yum!) pastuh mira g Dunkin Donut nak grab a dozen donuts for her adik2. sweet :) i miss my adik2 already!

4. lepas mira bli donut tuh die trus balek. so there was me left alone in the crowded place with so many kind of people. i went pusing2 naik turun the same 2 levels just to find a nice place to just seat, read something and eat while waiting for the PTPTN to open. so, being all's kinda funny you know, sitting there. i mean on the floor la of course. atas kerusi tak pelik la..duduk kat lantai ceruk mane entah just to eat the lunch i bought earlier. :) experience people, EXPERIENCE! you aint learn nothing from life if you dont encounter any problems or situations :D

5. lama jgak la i hafa wait..dr 1300 to 1445 hours. see, i told ya. DAMN LAMA!!!! (luckily i was not in a i took the number and PATIENTLY wait for my turn. when it was, i told the NICE lady my problem and she said i hafta go to the HQ a.k.a Headquarter to claim that stupid thing. that time already around 1530 hours. ape lg i sped up la my steps. dh macam org lumba jalan kaki jer i td. berlari2 carik taxi yang sanggup nak bawak i ke damansara and back to my college in Jalan Temerloh. luckily, this Pak Cik Taxi named Bakar bin Osman sudi nak amik i as passenger. i dahlah in a hurry. but still, i am patient. i didnt mind he's driving like 70km/j coz die sudi amik i jd passenger die. considering other taxi drivers yang takde manner yang pegi naekkan price sesuka hati. u got the metered taxi, so use the meter la! rules people! bear that! hmmph!

6. smpai damansara, i told that PakCik to wait for me and i wont be long( i was saying this bcoz i thought there werent many people, and i was TOTALLY wrong!) since so many people having the same case like me, i had to wait like 15 mins. mind me but pity the PakCik. i told him it wouldnt take long. but i am taking longer than i supposed to. lepas setel PakCik sent me back to KTSN. kl sentral-damansara+waitin 15mins-jalan temerloh, taxi fare rm14.40 jer?! tgk, betapa honestnye that driver. die tak makan duit org. tak mcm certain driver tuh, kl sentral-jalan temerloh jer dh rm25..or even klcc-jalan temerloh yang tak sampai 5 mins tuh rm25. huh. see, since he's so honest and tak pilih passenger, i byr him rm20 :) terkejut BADAK gak die td. tp it was nice to make someone smile like that when they had help us when we are in most need. see taxi driver?! be honest and not choosy, akan dibalas baek jgak. dont be greedy la!! org respect us if we respect them. treat people as u want people to treat u. got it?!

7. so after everything was settled, i felt a relieve. like some huge tonnes of block was removed from my shoulder. alhamdulillah :) no matter what happen, i dont have to rush again like that. skrg tunggu jer lah duit masok regardless how long i hafta wait. nak buat mcm mane. tawakal jer lah dh usaha td. kalo awal, awal la kan. :)

but the bright sight is people, i dapat my money lmbt. so which means when most of u had spent half or more of ur money, i still am richer than u guys! teee hee :P plus, allowance from parents this upcoming end of january and also end of feb. so sabar kejap lah ain. tak lama ag tuh :) and it would be nice to have money on feb coz it's the month i was born(2009 isnt a LEAP YEAR which mean i am not going to celebrate my bday) tp peduli ape. i nak enjoy that feb. can use the alasan bday untuk memanjakan diri dengan bershopping :)

so that was what happen in my dear boring life :) life never fail to amuse me though. there are always different terrible things happen each day throughout my daily lives which actually makes it more interesting than anyone else :) i think. mane de org experience what i experience. heee :D i know u dont :P

toodles y'all! tggu my next post. i know u love me. lol. XD


nadyra aiza said...

byk tol experience ain in 1 day..
mmg xde org rse dat kinda exprience..:)

Hariq-Sha said...

haha...tuhlah..takde org len..ain je :)

Anonymous said...

ain,congrats da dpt selesaikan dat matters..huhu..sian ain kan,tp thinking from d other side,ain dpt nw experience yg rarely org dpt..tingat lak kwn kte yg slalu ckp" we learnt from mistakes n experiences"..kte yg da agak lme kat cni pon x pena kot smpai damansara..hehe...btw dats very kind of the ' pak cik taxi'..jrg nk dpt taxi driver yg baek cm2 esp at tgh2 kl..huhu..

ps:byk jek bebel...huhu..lastly,get well soon..hehe:)