Sunday, January 4, 2009

gagaga :D

hahahaha. i got nothing much to say actually. but i do feel like typing. so i might just babling around and who knows, i might end up typing more than nothing. ngahahahah :P

so, people. every blog i read there would be the "what i did in 2008" thingy. so i think i just wanna go and join the club. heeeee :D

nothing much actually happened in 2008. as i said, i have a quiet boring life which only full of terrible events. haha :P but still, i love it though. :) here are those things happened back in 2008:

1. it's a LEAP year! which means i have my 5th Birthday!! haha. yes, 5th one. since i only celebrate it once in 4 years. my coursemates made a kinda surprise early bday party. we actually were celebrating a belated bday of one of our coursemate which end up being a double party. a belated and a becoming bday. it was a nice one. very surprising. :) i got quiet a number of presents. thanks to those who gave it :) oh ya, there's another girl, Anis, whom had the same birthdate as mine :) she's my COHORT.

2. it's my 2nd semester. nothing much change just what a surprise. so fast did the time pass. i feel like frozen in time and with a blink of my eyes i entered a new semester.

3. a very busy semester i can say. being active in every programs and stuff like that really took a big part of my life as a teenager. i mean other students went out with friends and i was the one stuck back in college.

4. when everyone's back at home for the 2months hols, there i was staying in college preparing for so many things. i was chosen as JAKSA which is Jawatankuasa Kebajikan Siswa/i Kolej or also known as the Residential College Student Committee. hmmm. well, kinda sad to be left alone behind whilst most of my friends were enjoying themselves with family. nvm, mind that coz i had my hols too except it was not a total vacay coz i gotta do some formal stuff too. we JAKSA went to the PD a.k.a Port Dickson, stayed there for 3 days 2 nights at Glory Beach Resort. it was for the English Camp. after done with that thing, went back to college and wait for another program. the next one was called SUMBANGSARAN or BRAINSTORMING. it was in Cherating Beach Resort, Cherating, Terengganu. i love it there. so peaceful, exquisite except for the one day without water supply due to the mainpipe was broken. yada yada yada. back to college and back home. i got home for 2 weeks only coz i hafta head back to college for PC or PemudahCara or Facilitator for the upcoming Freshman intake. huh. so tiring it was.

5. entered the 3rd semester. wow! i am now a senior. haha. kinda funny. to have a junior. or even to have a junior whom actually older or have the same age as me. that's the beauty of living in universities. :)

6. officially work as a JAKSA. kinda tiring. so busy with so many programs. i have to admit, i sometimes feel so damn regret of not declining the offerA at the 1st place. but anyway, i did my job well. try my best. and hope everything's fine.

well guys. that's all happened in my 2008 life. i wish 4th and 5th semester for 2009 here in UKM will be a blast. i am turning 21 this year. so will register myself as the voter. heee :D then i am officially an adult. you can say it as an adult+teenager which actually so damn childish. i hafta get rid a bit the childishness though. not totally, just a bit of it. the part which i think necessarily hafta get rid off like......haha..i dont actually know :P

so guys, toodles! :)


nadyra aiza said...

haha.. ain xle ade besday la kn diz year..hehe ;)

bes x ek active sgt?
kte nk msk 2nd yr ni br nk stat active.. tp tgk la cmne kn.. hehe

Hariq-Sha said...

best la active..u know lotsa new people..then ur influence pon bertmbh..then everytime ade programs org carik u as to be part of the's all about expanding ur list of friends and strenghtening ur influence...ngeee :P