Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year 2009 :)

it's new year...!! 2009~~ a very very warm welcome to you! :)

30th dec was a so called bad night for me..i got fever just 2 days before New Year and it sucks!! :( i took the tablet then sleep away and i was just so thankful that the fever slightly about to be gone compared to last i went to the class the next day and when it came to about 2pm-ish i felt a bit dizzy and stuff. i could feel my body temp'd rose again.huhu.but then i was at KLCC that time escorting, yeah i mean it, escorting Izzah and Mira. did i mention the (stupid!) PTPTN loan dah masok our acc? and to make it worse, everyone's acc but not mine?! fudge it! (i dont swear u know) what a terrible news for new year's eve! :'(

we actually went to Bank Islam at Medan Tuanku at 1st place to go and accompany Izzah to complain about her new card cannot be used. so as we wait for her, me and mira, actually it's more about me since i was the last one to know about the loan has been deposited, to check the balance and mine was rm27.80??!! wtfishhhh??!! mira's got like rm2k++ and me..??!! darn it! mira was as shocked as i was coz izzah too got the, i am broke! shaite! and sure, izzah join the shocking club too..huhu..

i was so pissed off coz ptptn always get into my nerves..last sem they only deposited me rm600++ and not rm1k++ (since we had to pay rm1.5k for the wang pendahuluan b4 we entred 3.5k minus that, i should've like 1.5k and even minus the fees, it should be like rm1k+) and i was damn broke that last sem! huhu..and now even worse i got nothing! there goes all my plan for shopping and stuff!! huwaaaa...the 3 of us werent satisfied so then again i re-checked my acc and now the atm said "kad anda tidak boleh digunakan. sila ke cawangan bank islam yang lain"..i was like "wtfish?! i am at the headquarter, the biggest BIMB in town and the atm said i should go somewhere else?!"..then, i went in and went to the kaunter pertanyaan and stated my prob..the nice lady said i should go to counter 6 and checked the status of my atm i did..after waiting like 10 mins, the other nice lady told me my card's cracked...and again..wtfish?!! damn damn damnnn itttttt!! 1st the fever, then the loan now the card...i couldnt imagine anything worse apart of that i did have a new card with no money in it..the BIMB had to cut rm8 from my acc for the atm card service thingy...well, i didnt really care actually coz i am already broke!

after that we went to KLCC, yada yada yada...all the way from medan tuanku's monorail to dang wangi's lrt station to klcc i kept calling people whom i think responsible for my prob..1st, the Unit Kewangan Pelajar in UKM Bangi..she said if i didnt do the pre-registration thingy i should encounter that but the funny thing was i did the she said i should checked with the BAKA or Bahagian Akademik at my from KLCC i took the cab to fac and straight to BAKA...stated my problem and they checked my registration status which then they confirmed has no prblem and then asked me to go to Jabatan Bendahari ant 5th floor..BAKA is is 2nd floor and they were both situated in different in 2 hours time, all i did was running back and forth to both places which i end up calling PTPTN after the UKP Bangi couldnt find the problem...and guess what..PTPTN said i didnt sign the agreement which i couldnt remember any agreements send to me while i was back in kuching. so i asked them what agreement then they say "awak tak tuntut salinan pelajar"..what salinan pelajar?! heck! i know nothing bout that salinan pelajar..i give up than i called mira and tell her everything i did back at campus (i was in the bus otw back to k1)

then mira said "ain, kte rs salinan pelajar tuh yg kte dpt final exam sem lepas...kte ade dpt and dorang lampirkan satu surat yg kte perlu sign and anta balek kat ptptn..yg tuh kot"..then i got all the pieces together and remember about the agreement i had submitted back when i was just a freshman. actually ptptn had sent back 3 copies of the agreement (we had to do 4 copies, 1 for ptptn and 3 for students which we end up submit all of it to ptptn and now they are sending back the 3 copies to students) but the problem is i aint got nothing!! i called my parents back in kuching and they said nothing from ptptn had been delivered. so people, it's not my fault right??!! it's them making my life hard everytime..huhu..

so i cant wait for the day coz i am going to crash the PTPTN's office and make some scenes there.u know y? not just bcoz they didnt send me the stupid copies but my other friends who had the copies and not even bother to post back the letter to PTPTN has got their loans..that's not fair!!!!! y it must be me??!! i think it's the most terrible new year's eve EVER!!

i hope everything's gonna be settled later this day..i need the money so badly it hurts everytime i think about it...huhu..wait till i get the gonna have my haircuts and then shopping!

i missed the new year's eve bbq with Jaksa and our beloved College Master coz of the's just making the day even worse..i spent the night in my room to wait for the fireworks which i could see from my room but i end up sleeping at 10pm!! i am so tired, the fever got me...however, i still bid welcome to 2009 though..and bye2 2008...

i'll tell u things happen in 2008 later..toodles! :)

p/s: im gonna crash crash crash u PTPTN!!

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