Friday, January 9, 2009

my fault my fault...

i failed to attend any classes yesterday. huhu. it was all because of the sudden diarrhoea attack(why do i always get this sickness aaa??!!) like always, it happened early morning. asal diarrhoea jer mesti pepagi buta kene. tension la. all the sleepless night. huuuww :(

so, what did i do all day long then?? in and out of the toilet. dang! had a sleepless night. so of course i was asleep like until noon. huhu. awake at about 12.30pm-ish. i was supposed to go to the 9am to 11am class. it was the Environmental Microbiology 2hours lecture. next class was on 3pm. the Toxicology 1 hour tutorial. i missed that too. i was too tired to go anywhere. and i even avoided myself from having any breakfast or lunch. 'coz i didn't want any vomitting. huhu.

oh ya. yesterday was the Hari Penamaan Calon for the Pemilihan Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar(Students Committe for the University). so it was confirmed that there will be 5 on 5 on the Election Day. 5 from the Aspirasi and another 5 from Gabungan Mahasiswa. both party had their representatives for each batch..i mean one representative each for 1 and 2 yr student and another one for 3 n 4 yr student. and they came from 4 different faculties which are the Medicine, Allied Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Dentistry.

i am kinda DUMMY in all this election thingy though. and i am not on any side for now since i am the member of RCSC myself(see my previous entrances if u wanna know what RCSC is) and we RCSC are given the power to help 10 Candidates in their campaigns. not sort of campaigning with them but aiding them in sort of scheduling the time and places. so, i am NEUTRAL. take note!!

the campaign will officially start today, the day i post this, specificly later tonight at 9.15pm at KTSN's cafe. let's make it simple :

09/01/2009 : 9.15pm onwards at KTSN's cafe
11/01/2009 : 11.00am onwards at KTSN's Cafe
13/01/2009 : 9.15pm onwards at KTSN 1's DSG

this date and time was chosen by us RCSC 'coz of the tight schedule students have. since on the 10th and 11th will be the UNTUKMU PALESTIN(please come and support this program. it's for our friends in PALESTIN) and on the 12th will be the launching of Fiesta Citra Budaya. so, those are the only available time.

oh ya, 13th will be the Manifesto's Day. it's COMPULSORY to all the 1st year students regardless of what faculty('coz we want them to know all the Candidates) plus it's also 'coz they are the 1st years! haha. well, that's what happen when u are the freshmans though. every seniors had the same experience. being the one who always been forced to attend everything. haha. i've been there too! ngeee :D so, be patients freshies! it's just few months away before u'll be a senior too...hehehehe :)

i am damn tired. not tired of attending meetings and stuff(although that's one of the reason) but tired of thinking the pack schedule for the next 2weeks. busy with classes at days and busy with meetings and programs at nights. all for the next 2 weeks. hmmph! seriously, i agree with what people always say "when u think about something and all you did was only thinking, before acting or experiencing them, u get tired of thinking" btol kot? ble asik pk jer mende tuh before
merasa, pening btol. ble dh jd depan mata, excited melampau pulak.

hmm...i am having a tough time trying to master acoustic. susah la! huww. :( i guess i'll accept my dad's offer to learn from his composer friend. i hope the offer is still open althoug it has been almost 2 yrs. haha :))

ok guys.. i think i'll stop here. till next time.


p/s : Election Day is on 15/01/2009. please do come and vote for your MPP aite? choose the right one people! they'll represent us here in KL. so think before you vote :) oh ya, the voting venue is our beloved UKM Kampus KL. so, dkat Chow Kit tuh lah! heee :D

p/s 2: UNTUKMU PALESTIN is on 10/01/2009 till 11/01/2009(Sat & Sun). please come and support this Program. it's the fundraiser for our Friends and Family in PALESTIN. people, be HUMAN! and ya, please pray for them too! muslims, the PRAYER is our STRONGEST weapon :) do come ya? thanks :)

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