Tuesday, January 20, 2009

boycott....what say u??

i know i know. it's like so so late right? heh. sajer jer kot. takde masa nak update blog :)

ermmm, i would say it's a COMPULSORY since dah difatwakan WAJIB untuk BOIKOT!! so, ble dh kata WAJIB tuh, own understanding lah kan kalau tak ikut hukumnye ape. roightt?? so, please take note. WAJIB!!

which mean, there are some major companies i have to boycott. first and foremost STARBUCKS!! then, McDONALD'S. next, NOKIA and lastly NESTLE. there are hundreds of products and companies we have to boycott to help the PALESTINIANS. but, those 4 are my favourites. i mean TOP OF THE WORLD favourites!! hmm. it's ok. ape lah nak dibandingkan pengorbanan boikot barang2 kegemaran dengan JIHAD FISABILILLAH dorang kat PALESTIN sana kan? bear that! they are even worse. makan pon tak tentu. They don't have the FOOD SAFETY and FOOD SECURITY there. not like us. more than enough i would say.

how about KFC? KFC is not my top of the world favourite eventhough i sometimes enjoy it so much. just the CHEEZY WEDGES la my favourite :) they say, even if KFC only sent 10% of their profit to US' HQ, but then, maybe that 10% have been used to buy a riffle or a bullet which had killed one or maybe more innocent child? who knows right? fikir2lah.

to quote what Dr. Noraziah said in her previous lecture, "boikot tuh kenalah continuously. jangan nanti bla genjatan senjata take place, kta pon berhenti boikot. that is not right" hmm. she's right though. i hope i have the strength to continuously boycott US' and Israel's products. AMIN :)

so guys, lets us together boycott all the products listed. i won't list any products in my BLOG 'coz u can find it here:


walaupun kita tak bersama-sama berjihad di PALESTIN, tapi, sekurang-kurangnya, kita bantu mereka melemahkan Rejim Zionis Laknatullah. ALLAHUAKBAR!!

PLEASE. this is not about MUSLIM only. it's about HUMAN RIGHTS being VIOLATED!! i am sure there are quite a number of Jews throughout the globe who doesn't agree with the ISRAELI'S OCCUPATION in GAZA CITY. i saw some of them even join the democrations to protest this EVIL HOLOCAUST!

till then guys, ask urself, what will you do IF u have a family back in PALESTINE? i am sure you will do anything to save them, roight? plus, MUSLIMS, we are all related. we are all family. so, it's the same. save our FAMILY members. and to non-muslims, we are related too. we are all from ADAM and EVE(HAWA), right? :)

so again. renung2kan lah. :)

toodles!!! :)


aiza aidid said...

btol ain..
cm coke kn..
stil ade org bli..
i dun understnd why..
xtaw ke org tgh boikot all us based prdoduct..
saba je la taw..

Hariq-Sha said...

heee...bkn coke jer....byk gler kot..but well, tuh sumer atas kesedaran individu :)

aiza aidid said...

mmg la kn.. coke is 1 of the things yg wjb dboycott..
2 la pasl.. pe la sgt kn..
kte juz x dpt mkn je..
dat's nothg compred with those suffering Palestinians..