Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Acoustic Kiddo :) Great!

he's so small..but with a BIG talent! no doubt he does! He's Sungha Jung. A great guitarist. a great acoustic player. and he's just happen to be only 12. :) see him and you'll think twice about his age. no kidding he's a 12 yr old professional. again, i fall in love with his music. i fall in love the first time i watched him play. darn it! i wish i can play like him.

he'd play with tommy emmanuel. he has ulli as his mentor. he plays various music arranged by many great composer and guitarist. watch him play and you'll have goosebumps all over you. he plays nice music. he plays classicals. he plays latest addictions. he plays the evergreens. he plays the beatles'. he plays eric clapton's. darn! and he's just 12.

his taste in music is so awesome! i guess none of his age ever dream or think of playing the music he likes. :) he's lotsa passion in acoustic. never plays to show off. very passionate when playing.

no words can describe how well he plays.just go and watch him on youtube. i can't upload the vids here since the connection's too slow.huhu. have fun watching him :)

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