Friday, January 23, 2009

controversy : LGBT!!

hmmm. what is LGBT? for those who knew, please wait('coz i have to explain to those who doesn't). and to those who doesn't know, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trannies(Transexual) Community. this LGBT only apply in Western Country, not here in Malaysia, ok?(don't go and ask me where and what or whatever about LGBT in Malaysia). ok ok. i know, what the heck am i thinking to post this entry?? just keep on reading if u r interested to know :)

ok. i was so bored, so i post this! haha :) nahhh, just kidding. it is actually b'coz, i saw, in nowadays community, this group of people has risen in numbers. it's easy to detect them actually if u have a what they call a "Gaydar". errmm. what's a Gaydar?? it's a sense u have to differentiate and to know someone's sexual orientation. i know many people has this Gaydar. why? b'coz me myself can detect what sexuality a person have.

ok. i won't talk about Gay or Trannies since i never chat or knew anyone from that group. i'll talk about Lesbian and Bisexual(girls) only. ok? ok, most of the time, when i chat in Yahoo! Messenger, i always bump with either the bi(shortform for Bisexual) or Lesbian. so, it's human nature, wondering how and why they chose to live like that. ok. what i discovered(mostlyLesbians), this girls actually have cases with men. some of them have been raped several times by their own brother or relatives, even have a child. so they hate men so very much. but most of them just like girls(hmmm??). and bi? hmm. i am not so sure actually. until now i never had any right or exact anwers to that since the only answer i got was they just feel like it. i know, in short, it's called the LUST.

Lesbians? why am i so interested to know about them? b'coz they are girls, women like me. people said, curiosity kills the cat. roightt? so, in Malaysia, it's actually a taboo thing to said or discuss. people get freak out even when we just mention about it. everytime i went to Midvalley or any other huge malls, i always bump with this group. it's kinda weird u know(the 1st time i saw). but then, i get used to it(since so many of them, and so many times bumped ito them). here in Malaysia, this Lesbian mostly divided into 2 obvious categories. the ladylike or girlish and the boyish. ok. if in America, the boyish is called the Dyke/Butch(correct me if i am wrong) and the girlish is called the Femme which stands for Feminine. ok. in Malaysia, Dyke/Butch is known as "Pengkid". so, how this "Pengkid" looks like? they have short hair, masculine type. more like boyish la. and Femme, of course like normal girl, lady or girlish. sometimes, Femme is hard to detect bcoz they look just like normal girl.

so, what's the purpose of me posting this? how i know much about LGBT? hmm. the answer is just so simple. i wanted people to respect me, so i do respect people regardless what type they are. i won't say "type", sorry bcoz it's sounds like racist thingy. eventhough LGBT is strictly taboo and prohibited here, i still updated myself. why? bcoz that's how u live in harmony. understand people without judging them. :)

Malaysia is a free country. but still, it's an Islamic Country. so, LGBT is of course a Great Taboo here. in Islam, LGBT is strictly prohibited and it's one of the Biggest Sin of all. so Muslims, take note ok? it's a Sin. and if there's any LGBT near u whom are Muslims, please don't blame them. try to understand them. know their reason. then, nicely put, talk to them. if u want to preach to them, use wise words which doesn't condemn them. people like them are very sensitive. never ever blame them. if u do, they will hate u more and their heart will never soften and u'll fail to bring them back to the Islamic path. socialise with them(i mean not joining la), don't neglect or being an ignorance bcoz that will make them go far away from the right path. show them that we want to help them and stuff. this is for Muslims of course :)

and to the Westernians' LGBT. i post this not to blame u guys. i know even in the Western this LGBT thingy is also a taboo and u guys have the hardest coming out story. i respect people and i don't label people. i befriended with all people regardless who they are or where they are from. i just hope that when u get here in Malaysia one day, u'll understand and u'll never blame our people. it's our tradition, our religion. you and ur religion and us with our religion :) this is how if we want to live in peace. no hatred and no war. :)

people, to make it clear, I AM TOTALLY STRAIGHT and I AM PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM!!

toodles!! :)

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