Friday, November 21, 2008

hola(o-la)... =P

fuhh...i started this at 12.35am 21/11/2008...let's see how much time i need to finish it...hahahah :P i guess it takes time since i am on FaceBook and games. well, just wanted to say something while i am here in LCCT
(low-cost carrier's for the Air Asia only). Just wanted something to do besides Facebook-ing and Gaming... :) i am damn boring and i don't know how long i can stand of not sleeping. i am very sleepy, a bit of headche, and a bit of muscle-ache here and there...waaa!! T_T

what's hot today? nothing! haha. i mean maybe my hot-tempered are getting worse. because of all the works i have to do. i have no time to think of anything else besides working, and working and working. on what purpose? ACTIVITIES! as much as i HATE activities, i love the working environment. oh no. i am talking craps again. i just said said in a way or another that i hate working now i said i love it. confused? me too! it's what you get when u didn't sleep for hours and making yourself tired by emptying and packing the room! damn!
(kalo balek naek sem nt bilik tak renovate, mmg la..i will kill the CAT! huh..ape lah salah kucing tuh)

fuh. i miss K. we haven't been chatting for like a week, or less. haha :P i know he's busy. but the last word he said to me the last day we chat, has made me confused. well, i am a kind of girl you will find so slow in picking up words from people. i am a blur one! be straightforward to me. jangan nak putar belit mcm ular or wire telefon or even rambut lepas bangun tdo. huhu. =_="
where are you K? hey, we didn't fight. he's just too busy. well, this will be my last day online since back at home i don't have any internet connection
('cause everyone's using the mobile phone..huh). so, i might not be in contact with him. oh, we never used the SMS sytem. haha :D 'cause i don't have his number yet. ngaaa~

i feel like a fool here. talking to myself in my mind
(what they say? monologue is it). and smiling and laughing alone. while looking interesting-ly at my laptop. sucks! i need real people. i need human with brain and IQ to talk to. i need a person who has IQ level more than 1. even a baby will do for now. haha :))
i wanted a companion here. it's so boring to go back home alone. no one to talk to. it's not my first time though. but i do feel this way sometimes. it's not the same when you go for shoppings or movies or hanging out and lepak-ing alone. it's no fun here in airport. sape ckp best airport?? cepat angkat kaki kiri!! huhu T_T

there IS someone next to me here. not exactly next to me. but at the same table. he wanted to use the power socket too. and me? i brought along my extension. haha. 'cause i forgot to pack it along with other stuff. in the end making me stuffing it into my bag. gosh, luckily i have enough of spaces in my bacpack. i am too shy to start any conversation with him. yes, it's a HIM. and chinese. all we said to each other are "he: can i plug my adaptor here? me: yeah, sure. he: thank you :) me: oh, my pleasure." that's all and then he sat there typing and looking at the screen of his laptop. no words coming out from either of us. complete silence. except the cleaner here in LCCT are vacuuming the floor and the sound is very irritating, annoying. rasa nak sumbat jer tikus dalam vacuum tuh. huhu =_="

the airport are getting emptier. no more a group or a bunch of people making noises. it makes me sleepy though 'cause i can't stand silence. not that i like noises, but complete silence is a NO NO! i like to see people's behavior around me. the way they smile, talk, laugh. the sad look. the happy look. i wish i have a DSLR now to capture the moments. :) lalala~ it's getting boring and more boring. i think i can sleep with my eyes open and typing at the same time. erkk? SCARY! mama, please. next time. no more staying up late here in airport. i hate airport. but i can't wait for morning. i can see the sun rise from above. aww, how nice. again, i wish i have DSLR now. ok mama. i take back my word. buy me a plane ticket on morning flight. the best is 7am. so i can see the sunrise and morning from above. :) and take some great photos :D

ouh, my head's getting heavier. my eyelid even heavier. damn! i don't want to sleep! i want to stay awake. i want STARBUCKS. but they only have COFFEE BEAN here. :( i never buy any drinks from COFFEE BEAN. i don't know what to buy. dira said CARAMEL LATTE's nice. but, is it as nice as CARAMEL MACCHIATO?? =( now i miss STARBUCKS! huwaaaa!! T_T

i can't wait to be home. then, pick the EVH people this Sunday for our trip in Kuching. i am very nervous of the program 'cause i am the one who arranged the places. not all. but most of the 'jalan2' places. huhu. i hope they will like it and enjoy every seconds in Kuching. :) unfortunately, i might not have my DSLR before the trip 'cause of the limited time to go shop for it. huhu. nevermind, as long i get mine before 2nd semester starts. :)

okay, i think i have enough of typing this. i need to stop. oh, yeah. i learnt new sentence. it's in spanish though.

Las posibilidades no tienen final which means the possibilities are endless. what possibilities? it's mine to keep :) haha..

till then. CIAO!! :)

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