Thursday, November 6, 2008's a trend..and i HATE it! :(


this post is regardly to reply what Farah said in her latest blog post. yeah. Farah was right.
DSLR's a trend now and IS very overrated. i hate the fact too, Farah. i started playing with SLR camera 2 years back. at that time, it's just a hobby, i mean for fun. just clicking the snap button on a friend's SLR and there you are, how i started to fall in love with photography. well, it was more than that. i like the art of photography. i like it when it is hard to learn how to take good photos. there were lomos too, i like them but i prefer SLR. at that moment, i promised myself i'll get one of it one day. which actually took me 2 years(now, though) to have it. for some reason, i can't afford it. not even my parents. now, they do. so, thank God!

now, when i can afford to get one, it feels wrong. something isn't right. know what? cause
EVERYONE is having one. i don't like the fact that at the time i seriously want to involve myself in photography, it's become a trend. i hate possers! i thought for a moment. can i just wait another year or so, for all the possers to say bye to DSLR and hie to a new trend? then i said, naah. just ignore what people said. you know what you want. and you'll get it. :) yes Ain!

and fyi, not all DSLR owners know exactly the anatomy and physiology of DSLR. not that i am the master of it. but everytime i ask them, all i have for anwers are "i usually and only use the auto and manual mode. i didn't use other modes". "i only took pictures with this
(finger pointing on the mode button)". so, wth?! so, i figure out. this is really a huge trend. none i meet knows exactly why they wanted DSLR in the first place. it's just a trend. and all trend will have their ups and downs. and i think for a moment, "yeah, let it be" only the true one, the die-hard-fan really cares about the art of photography. others? LAME.

i agree. DSLR is a trend now. only true fans stay with it forever!

and to my surprise, K replied my YM. eventhough it's just a simple saying, it made me happy. knowing he's okay and i am not. huhu :( still, i wanted to say so many things to him. hopefully he will totally forgive me, SOON enough! huhu

till then reader(s), CIAO!


l e n a said...

haha..nape ur blog nmpk mcm my blog neh haa?hehehe

i definitely agree, and you hating it..i couldn't agree more! it totally stinks~

p/s: happy to hear about K *wink2* haha

Hariq-Sha said...

hahahah....nak buat mcm mane always been the most attractive colour of all....wakakakakakak..

black : simple, sophisticated, mystery...bla bla bla...

susah la nak carik template cool...and this stupid blogspot, i susah btol nak upload other templates from other last i gune itam jer la...besides, kalo font kaler on hitam, COOL glerrr!! heee :D lame...but then, kalo ckp pasal tuh ngan someone expert and a die-hard-fan...mmg best...turn on! wakakakakakaakakakakakakak :))

yeah...K...he's we're ok...hahahahaha...die bz ngan keje nowadays...outstation what-so-ever...hee :) and to state's just so stupid to argue bout STUPID things like immatured~~!! :D