Monday, November 10, 2008

i LOVE you!! :)

ey peepz~~

i have been updating my blog so frequently lately. not that i am so into this thing
(i am but not just it! LOL), but there are so many things happen and i think the only way for me to share it or to let it out of my mind is by blogging. it is fun you know, i mean blogging. i am glad i did it. well, the reason is not for people to read, but priority is to get all those things out of my head. not that i hate keeping it in mind, but it feels right to write them in blogs and read, well, re-read over and over again. not forget to mention, smiling and frowning or even pondering and imagining on those memories. it is funny, sometimes. when u laugh at your own writing. haha. playing with your own emotions is COOL!

oh yeah, this blog entrance actually to tell you guys how much fun i had last Saturday. haha. me, Ain, always about fun. no matter what condition i am in(fyi, i am still in finals weeks. hahaha!) oh yeah! with the same reason we went to MID, but this time, shopping is all about Rangga. Rangga who? he's Put lover. haha. yeah, Put's dearest boyfriend! went shopping for a converse pair of sneakers. Rangga needs it for his upcoming band performance back in Bandung, Indonesia. did i mention that Put's Indonesian? Yeah, she's from Riau. i don't know why Rangga wants it from Malaysia though. but he said it was cheaper. yeah, right. all in all, whatever happens we still have to get a GREEN CONVERSE SNEAKERS. GREEN!! luckily, there was a green pair. oh, forget to mention, we went to TIMES SQUARE earlier before we headed to KLCC for CONVERSE outlet. as usual, we had lunch at TS' Mcd, then we walk for a while around TS, just looking around. Put was searching for a necklace for Rangga. and she wanted only a V-shaped guitar on it. fuhh, God just loves me 'cause we found it finally. haha.

she got him that necklace which i thought quite expensive. and suddenly,
SUDDENLY(!!), Put asked me whether i wanted a pair for myself. it was very surprising you know, for a friend asking that question. then i said i am okay with it IF only she had one for herself. then we decided we should get one for both of us, to be FAIR. so, at last, she bought us this very CUTE necklace with LOVE on it which can be separated into half. we carved our name at each halves. it's so SWEET right? for bestfriends to have that necklace. :) Put told me i have to wear it always, and care for it and if it's lost, i lost her. Awww, i LOVE my BESTFRIEND! :) thanks a LOT, Put!!

after we had the necklace
(we had to wait like 1/2 an hour for the necklace to be readily carved, not to forget to add another 45minutes of lunch.duh!!) we head to KLCC. the taxi charged us RM13 TS-KLCC. wtfish??!! oh, nevermind. it was bad traffic too though. taxi driver was forgiven. we went straight to the CONVERSE outlet, bought the sneakers, head to the Post Office, then back to Memory Lane to pack the sneakers, then again back to the Post Office and post that sneakers and necklace. dang! tired! after that, we had ourselves a slice of MODESTO'S PIZZA each. we didn't eat there, i mean, at the Modesto's but we went to the lake at first floor. just sit there, chilled out, eat pizza, talking craps, laughing. we had fun though! :) we are so tired of walking around so we decided to went straight back to college. fuh! another RM25 for taxi from KLCC-KG BARU-JLN TEMERLOH. again, bad traffic on weekend, taxi driver was forgiven.

yeah, i had fun, thanks to Putri. always, thanks to her. we talked about K a lot. she said some things, which i guess had changed the way i think. talking about K. we are now totally fine. he's always okay, and i am already okay. LOL. it was just so immature of me. i mean K is always fine. he never mad at me, he said. he just think that he doesn't need to reply to any of my immature sayings. yeah,
STUPIDO me~! nevermind, we are okay now. i am so thrill with it! we just had some chats. and i am really glad we talked the way we used to :)

alright peepz, i am so done with this entry. till next time yeah~! oh yeah,
I LOVE YOU, PUTRI~! *hugs n kisses* bestfriend forever!

p/s : Put, this necklace is so cute i can't get enough of looking at it! THANKS! :D


Anonymous said...

hahahaha....aiinnnnn use that necklace everytime ok??
yesssss RANGGA i love him about k??
hehehe...dont fight anymore ok??

aiinnnnnnn cuti next year harus pegii indonesiaaa..nanti kte pegi bandung sme2 meet my boyfriend..hahahahaha

oke aiin jage diri leklok tau..
banyak makan biar tambah cute n chubby....

thanx a lot aiinnnnn.....^_*
dah tolong put banyak2....hehehehe

love u my girl....^_^

Hariq-Sha said...

orait...i try to spare my time next 2months hols ang g Riau k? hehe

K..he's fine..really fine...we talked so much lately...byk yg ktorg chat..just like old friends... :) thanx for asking..hihihi

ain tak tolong ape lah put...thanx for everything gak..all those meals, the necklace too~ hehehe :)

hugs n kisses for u my best friend! :)

Anonymous said...

if put bace ni ain pon nk kem slm kt put la~lame xjmpe put

ain~nice layout~baru ye..hihi ;)

Hariq-Sha said...

hehe..tukar mood jap..sajer pakai layout nh... :) thanx!

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

ain.. jgn gtau org laen keyh?? senyap2 je.. tanks

Anonymous said...

aiiin musaa,,,,

iya long time no c...


miss u girl....