Thursday, November 6, 2008

clearing the mind~! MID time! :)


today was fun! me and Put went to MID and go crazy on shoppings
(just Put, not me). she spent like crazeeeeeee! really crazy. happy for her anyway. and thanks a lot to her for today. thanks Put! everything was on her. the meal. the cab. except for STARBUCKS(which i am dying for, craving for the caramel machiato as the one i had at starbucks BORDER was too bad). LOL. thanks thanks thanks. there were so many things to share, to talk about. i even opened up to her about K. she's the one you'll go to though if you are in my shoes. seriously! i felt relieved after sharing it to her. and FARAH too. thanks Farah :)

it feels like years since we had the fight. i miss him around. am i in LOVE? no, i don' think so. it's the same feeling i had when i had a fight with my friends and we didn't contact each other like for a while. it's the same feeling. i am just more worried about K cause of his condition
(under medication thingy).

so, what did i bought? you know, if you are going somewhere nearer, like TS or BB or PAVI, whatever you bought is no BIG DEAL. but now, i am talking about MID. which is in fact, far from my place. well, we act like the rich. took the cab from here to MID. then the same way as from MID back to our place. but nevermind, Put paid for the cab. haha. thanks Put! oh ya, i bought nothing!
NOTHING! i mean not that i did't buy anything, i did though. but just some toiletries at GUARDIAN. and meals(which were on PUT, yeah, were, the LUNCH and DINNER, both on her!!). besides those stated, nothing more. it was more likely that i accompanied Put for her shoppings. she bought this very nice knitted purple MNG vest, with a match of white GIORDANO shirt, a black n red ELLE heels, a match purple-pink necklace from ENVEE. yeah, that was much of it. very nice though. and damn EXPENSIVE! haha. i wish i can shoppe like her. but since i requested a very quite much from my dad(i requested a Sony Alpha 200W DSLR Cam), so i can't expect him to give me some pocket money for shoppings. dang! but hey, it's okay cause i will still get my DSLR whatever happens. haha. *evil laugh*

and as we got to the guitar shop, which i always did everytime i went to MID, i saw this very attractive and sexy guitar, an amp, a guitar stand and a HOT guitar case, they all went straight to my
WILL-BE-GRAB LIST. hehehe. again. another very much from my dad. less clothing budget. more stuff budget. LOL. well, i still need to buy some new clothes and jeans though, and not to forget some sort of a feminine attire(not just some sort of casual shirts or clothing). oh, y? because i had a plan with Put, that i will go to her place which in Riau in a few months time(of course on hols laaa!) then together we hit Bandung and Jakarta. right Put? :P

and not forget to mention, i am so FEMININE today! haha. i wear this blouse/dress from my previous college's dinner with a jeans and my previous course dinner heels! wow ain! u have grown up! LOL. yeah. i mean it when i say i look wayyyyyy different than i used too. no casual/sporty shirts or sneakers today. just no handbags. i still can't find the one i really like. i am very choosy in everything. and very high taste. haha. i only wanted the best. not just some RM10 or below RM100 bags. see. i told you. i am very choosy. and very sarcastic. my mom sure knows it! hehehe.

i haven't told my mom yet how i look like going out today. and we did'nt took any pictures though. which is a waste i guess. no memories of me being very FEMININE for the first time. LOL. if my mom sees it, sure she will hugs and kiss the whole of my face. hahaha. AIN, u look so NICE in IT!
(i won't fall for what she said as that's the way she try to pull me off from my usual style and make me into some feminine lady, as if i will). haha. evil me. sorry mom. i still have the sporty me. it doesn't mean i change to a whole new AIN. no no no. not yet. maybe in 2009? haha. yeah right.

as a conclusion
(the way we conclude it in school time. hehe), today was a real fun! eventhough i am very exhausted. it was fun though. not worrying about K, exams or anything. just money. haha. till then peepz! ciao! :)

p/s: i wanted a short hair for new year!! weeee~!!! :)


Anonymous said...

u forgot to write u bought sumting at pet wonderland~lalalala
tenx anyway~

Hariq-Sha said...

hahaha...a'ah kan....hampas hamster...ngeee~!!

my pleasureeeee~!! :) ingt gak eyh pasal nak bli tuh n trus call ain..seb baek btol2 kat mid..mane tau menyimpang ke ts tbe2 jer ke...haha :)

Anonymous said...

hehe.tenx sgt2.kalo x bushuk la si hamster tu.hehe