Tuesday, November 18, 2008

grrrrr...~!!! No More Immune For Me Please!

hey there...

i just finished my Immunology paper and it SUCKS
BIG TIME!!!!!!!! i looked like a FOOL staring at the questions(it took me 10 minutes to realize i have to answer no matter what..huh!). Speechless(of course since i can't make any noise in the Exam Hall) and feeling numb, i feel like someone has taken my brain out of my head. i feel empty. NADA. EMPTY! arrghhh!! the questions made me feel like i never learn Immunology. it's too tough for me. not to mention. "SILA JAWAB DUA SOALAN DALAM BAHAGIAN B DI BUKU JAWAPAN YANG BERASINGAN YANG TELAH DISEDIAKAN". in my thought "yes! only 2 essays!". but then when the lecturer said we can start, i am like "damn! answer 2 essays and no choices???!! wtfish??!!" the lecturer made it compulsory to answer both essays and he only have 2 essays questions for us.. T_T

really..i am DEAD. and now you are reading some blog posted by a ZOMBIE of Ain. she can't RIP since she have to wait for the result. then, she might RIP or she can continue living as Vampire
(if she passes the paper, she might awake from death). arrghh!

one more paper left. very excited. then i can go home and release all the tensions in my mind. i have to go to the gym though. lose some weight, sweats a lot so i can have all the toxin out of me and be fresh again. living in KL with full of almost every type of pollutions, really tenses my body. huhu. i need fresh air.

Eco-Cultural Sarawak Programme. 23rd to 27th of November. Environmental Health Club of UKM KL. 40 participants. hmmmm. stressing. so many things to be done. afraid. of the outcome. afraid. the participants are not satisfy. afraid. of losing my mind and temper. afraid. of giving up the programme. i really so not into it now. but i am the on kuching-ian in the bunch. i have to help. it's the courtesy of the host. kuching is my place. and will always be. it's the best place all time. i really miss home. :(

i guess i have said enough of what i want to say in the first place. forgive me if i offend you
(about the eco-cultural). it's just what i feel. and i feel like posting it here.

till then, ciao!


Anonymous said...

wassup gurl?r u ok?

M K said...

chill can? i know u'll do well. u always do. =)

link me

Hariq-Sha said...

not so...geram nh...pasal paper td...argghh...adui...nh first time duduk paper yg ble bc soklan mcm tak pernah blaja..huh

plus, stress ngan aktiviti..huhu

Hariq-Sha said...

hey mira~! i'll link u :)

Anonymous said...






Hariq-Sha said...

oit put...tak perlu la type mcm tuh sgt kot ye pon stress~

im totally out...im gonna FAIL that imuno paper!

nadyra aiza said...

ain.. tension ek??
i dont really know bout da paper..
but ain relax la ek..
njoy ur holidays.. rest je..
tke care taw ;)