Sunday, January 23, 2011

One day, kalau awak tiba-tiba rasa apa yang saya rasa sekarang, try not to remember me. Try not to feel sorry for me.

You try to be cold-hearted. Well, all i can say is, well done! You have done a very good job. But remember, the way you treat people, is the way people will treat you.

Saya mungkin kecewa sekarang. Saya mungkin sakit hati sekarang. Tapi saya tak sekejam tuh nak gelakkan awak if one day you are in my shoes.

Jatuh cinta adalah perkara yang mudah, tapi melupakan adalah perkara yang tak mungkin.

My unconditionally love to you is my biggest mistake of all. Because, after all, you only want the perfect side of me. I am sorry that I couldn't be perfect. I am sorry that I couldn't be what you want me to be. But take note of this, I always accept how you were or what you did, and I'll never misjudge your weakness. Is it so hard for you to do the same?

I am sorry that I didn't reach your expectations.

Kalaulah satu hari nanti saya betul-betul dah taknak ingat pasal awak, jangan pulak awak carik saya masa tuh. One day kalau saya betul-betul ignore awak, jangan awak salahkan saya sebab awak yang mulakan dulu.

I am sorry.

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