Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am so sad. So so so sad!

Sangat sedih.

Hati nih rasa macam meletup. Berkecai, hilang ke mana entah every pieces of it.

Too much pressure given to it.

It feels like I have been betrayed all this while.

Sedihnya. :(

Sangat sangat sangat sedih.

Is this how loyalty pays me? Tsk tsk tsk. :(

I hope my loyalty nih berbaloi one day.

Just a week away from my non-existent birthday. Memang takkan lupa lah kan. Huhuhuhu. Haihhhh. Worst present ever.

Last semester in UKM, last non-existent birthday in UKM. You tell me, how to forget the things that happen today? Just a week away. A WEEK. Damn it!

Sedihnya! Nak nangis puas-puas boleh?

Sembap dah mata nih.

Oklah. Nak try tido.


p/s: I guess some people just cant understand the meaning of loyalty. No matter what happen, if you really do care and love someone so much, loyalty is the most important thing. I hope you treat me well, Mr. Loyalty. Hmmph :( I need someone right now. T__T

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