Friday, March 13, 2009

Bukit Merah Laketown~

ey peeps! Salam :minimo_13:

today me and my coursemates are going to Bukit Merah Laketown for a field work. yeah, throughout this weekend. friday to sunday. 13th to 15th of march 2009. huhuhu. we, the Environmental Health students, are, always and will be going for a lot of field works and trips throughout our study years. yes! that 4 short years but yet very long 8 semesters(wtfish am craping?). this is just a beginning for us. yet, so tiring! it's fun when u go everywhere for a vacation but, we are not going for that. yeah, we might end up going somewhere to enjoy if we do have the chance to, but still, reports has to be done. huhuhu. and i always end up like this --> :bofu_20: everytime i do the reports. huhuhuhu.

ok, to be honest. i have an Applied Biostatistic lectures today, like for 4 damn hours. yeah yeah, i know. but here i am, crapping all the way. i have been skipping classes like so many times this year. not just to have fun, but i couldn't give the commitments laaa. i just don't feel to hear ndanyone lecturing me today. huhuhu. and again, i was asleep at around 6am this morning and classes starts at 9am. so, of course i am not awake. i have to finish up my JAKSA's commitment before the session ended. plus, it was raining and i was so tempted to continue my sleep. hehe.

adoii. penat tau mcm nh. bukan nye ade MC pon tak p klas. biar lah. malas nak pk. i know what i am doing so let the people do the talkings, but hey, i am not going to do the hearings u know. buat ape nak dgr org dok kutuk kan. ala, doesn't mean tak g klas i am not studying. biarlah. it's better i go and sleep in my room drpd i go to classes and sleeps all the way. or dgr mp3 and not the lectures. kan? sgt membuang ms la mcm tuh. and to be fair kat lecturers. kesian kot kat dorang kalo i tdo lam klas, and dorang penat2 jer bg lectures kat depan. huhuhuhu.

eyh, i sebenanye tak pack ag nh. ekekekek. satu ape pon tak pack. tp dh buat dh lah checklist nak bawak ape. and it seems like i am going there forever. mcm org nak pindah jer tgk list tuh semlm(i did the listing right before i went to bed pg tadi tau..see, how rajin i am to do that? hehe). jap ag nak pack la. byk btol kene bawak. the worst part is, smpai sn nt if my mp3's batt went low, then flat, i takley nak charge. coz it needs to be connected to a USB port kat laptop/desktop pc. huaaaaaa. susah lah cmnh weyh. i takley nak idup without my so called LOVE. ehehehe. tp madnoor dh ckp, bahaye bwak laptop. nt asyik nak kene pk pasal laptop je kalo tgglkan my room there. ermmm, he got the point there. takpelah. 3 ari jer pon(berdoa lam hati ade org bawak laptop nt...Amin). so, mlm td terpaksa pindahkan lagu masok phone. tuh pon bapak gler lama nak pindah masok lappy-LG phone. aishh. tuh yg i benci sket pasal my LG tuh, takley nak direct transfer lappy-microSD die. huhuhu.

klah people, nak go and pack, mandi(ekekkekeke), get some lunch(kalo sempat) and go and catch the shuttle bus to faculty. aiihhh. part nak mengejar ms bus shuttling nh i benci nh. kan best kalo sentiasa jer ade shuttle bus tuh. takde timing2 nh. hehehe. boleh skati jer nak g fac. huhu.

so, i guess blogging has to be put on hold till i am back from Bukit Merah. wish me a safe journey back and forth ya people. i'll try to upload pics of us in Bukit Merah when i got back k?(needs to re-install my IE yg dh crashed tuh sbb WiFi kolej nh slow sgt ble nak blogging pkai Mozilla...huhu..i hate IE).

k people, have a pleasant weekend!! toodles! :minimo_37:

p/s: pg td kan tdo kol 6am. ish. mimpi ngeri u know. mimpi kene hempap ngan makhluk mane ntah smpai takley nafas. ms tuh nanges2 dh dlm mimpi. takley nak sebut perkataan2 cam Astaghfirullah and sewaktu dengannya. ish. that was scary for me ok. mimpi antu takde ape. dhlah ari nh nak naek bus UKM g Perak. hopefully ktorg slamat pergi dan balik. pray for our safety people! :) (rs nak mkn kat pizza hut la jap ag before g perak kol 2.30pm nh. eheheh.wekkkk. jgn jeles.)


l e n a said...

makcik, have a safe journey to and fro!
take care =)

p/s: scary dream, almost gave me goosebumps just by reading

Hariq-Sha said...

hehehehe...dh selamat balik dh pun :D

besh gler!