Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am done trying to be good.
Done trying to act like I didn't feel offended.
Done caring.
Done hoping.

I do care so much about people sometimes.
Especially the one closes to me.
But if they didn't even care about me caring for them,
Or they worry too much about it,
I guess I am done here.
And now, worry about me not caring at all.
Worry about me not giving any attention to you.

If I can spend at least a few minutes of my busy life just to get to you,
To just say hi,
So that we wont lose contact,
Why can't you?
Is it so hard?
I don't think it's hard.
Unless you make it hard.
Or you just use that "busy" as your excuse.

Well, hear this.
I won't bother paying much attention to you anymore.
I won't bother looking for you.
I won't bother asking you for anything.
I won't bother trying to update you with my life.
I just won't bother doing anything.
Because it's worth nothing to you.
And I am tired.
Giving attention to people who doesn't even bother.

Don't try looking for me when you have no one.
I have given you my timeless attention,
You didn't try to appreciate it.

So I am going to give my attention to someone else who deserves it more.
You never change.
You are you.
And I am sorry to myself that I still think that we can still be friends like we used to.
No, we actually can't.
I am trying, but you are not.
You didn't try hard enough.
You didn't try to accept me.
You only wait for the new me.

Just, thank you. For whatever.


Redbloodsnow said...

kenak tok yunk. cam sedih jak bunyi :(

Hariq-Sha said...

huhuhuhu. emo ngan orang. :((