Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday was the 10th year of 9/11 tragedy.
I really don't care whose fault it was.
I mean, they claim it was the Muslim terrorist,
some claim it was the inside jobs.
Whoever responsible for it,
only God knows.

All I care about is the victims and their families.
It was sad reading all those articles for yesterday's mourning and remembrance.
A kid loses his/her parent/s.
A parent/s loses their child.
A husband/wife loses his/her love.
A friend loses his/her friend/s.
A man/woman loses his/her colleague/s.
A city loses her hero/heroin (police, fireman etc).
That is the one that I cared about.

No matter what religions they are, or what races they are,
victims are still victims.
Especially the victims of violence.
I don't support violence,
even if they told me millions of reasons for them.

Same goes to the victims of war in those Islamic countries.
People said, 9/11 is the platform for war against the Muslims.
Either it is true, or it is just an excuse, I don't care.
I don't blame anyone except the politics behind them.
I know some of the army themselves doesn't approve the war,
it's just their job and they can't escape from it.

Whatever it is,
just don't make this thing a religion issues.
Think humanity.
Be a human for a second,
and put aside all your political thoughts.

I don't support violence even if they are using religion as an excuse.
None of the religion in the world allows violence against the civilians.
War are between armies,
civilians are not included.

Think humanity.
I pray the family of the victims of any violence, not only 9/11, given a strong heart.
I pray for the Muslims' safety in the struggling Islamic countries.
I pray for everyone's safety, free from war and violence.
I wish this world will be at peace one day.
I wish everyone is more human than ever.

I just wish I will stop crying on articles on victims of violence.
It is just too sad.
The images gave me a big impression and it kept on playing on my mind.

I wish I will never given up on humanity.
My hope is still high.
Too see the world at peace.

O Allah, give the world a second chance. Amin.

p/s: If you have any negative comment/s on this post of mine, be it religious ones or stupid political thought, I think you better keep it in your shallow mind (small brain, for sure) because you will just waste your time typing them since I am not going to approve it. Thank you.

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