Saturday, July 16, 2011

I hate thinking for title so this is the title. bahaha!

I am so lazy to update anything here.
I don't have the blogging mojo anymore okay.

There are so many things happened this past few weeks.
Watch couple of movies.
Went to few great diners.
Got an offer.
Went shopping in KL.
Met old friends from highshcool.
Mini reunion.
So forth and so on.
Yet, I don't have the intentions to actually blog them out.
See, so pemalas right?

See lah next time if I can get my rajiness out.
Or even move my ass from this stupid laziness.

I have been hanging out on Twitter for quite some times.
Been updating myself there a lot.
Whining and rambling there is so much fun okay.

I have been thinking, I wanna have a Tumblr account.
Cool or nah?


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