Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I just had my wisdom tooth removed this morning.
Excruciating la the pain T__T
Just imagine, after the tooth has been pulled out,
out of sudden the local anesthetic *poof* disappear!
The dentist had not had the chance to stitch the gum yet the LA already gone -_-"
Imagine la how painful it was.
She said to raise my hand if it was painful,
bukan takat angkat tangan, menjerit pun ye.
So she had to inject another dose.

So now,
Don't make me laugh, or even smile.
If I do look so sombong,
paham-paham lah ye :(

Oh anyway,
Anyone who is my friend in FB would know that I complained that I look like a panda.
Then, a friend commented and said that her friend pun baru cabut wisdom tooth and now she look like a chipmunk.
Bila fikir balik, haah, more to like a chipmunk.
But as for my situation,
I look like a chipmunk with only one side chubbier than I already have.

I had chicken porridge for brunch and dinner.
Cukup syarat to take my ibuprofen.
Quite a strong painkiller kan?
Asal makan jer confirm hilang the pain.
Which, only lasted for few hours.

And kenyang bubur pun very sekejap.
I get hungry so quick than usual.

I have been missing like always.
Even though I had gone out for movie and good food with dear ones,
but then, so lazy to actually took any pictures, or even blog about it.
In these past 2 weeks,
I have had several Dim Sum moments and also movie.
Dim Sum rocks okay! Especially Kim Bay's :)
Thanks to those friends yang introduced the place to me.
I had tried the one at After 3, but, ermmm, so so only la.

It's fun to gather again and catching up with each other's life.
Semua kawan sekolah.
And I can't wait for my cliques to be back.
All of them so we can hang out like before.
Which actually sounds so impossible to gather all seven of us.
Tsk tsk tsk.
Why lah you guys study jauh-jauh?! -_-"
Padahal 3 orang jer overseas.
But still, if dorang balik, mesti ada jer yang dekat local Uni nih tak balik.

Btw, Transformers 3 was awesome!
Wouldn't mind if I have to watch it again.
But the downside was, it was quite slow at the beginning, so a bit boring there.
I still think that the 1st one was the best :D
Oh again,
I prefer Megan Fox la.
Even though in the past 2 movies she was nothing but a barbie doll,
at least I could see chemistry between her and Shea.
Yang perempuan baru nih tak.
Macam tunggul dah aku tengok.
Tunggul yang ada body figure.
And now, I am patiently waiting for the last part of Harry Potter trilogy.
Watched the trailer like thousands of times and felt goosebumps every time.
Not putting my expectations too high.

Okay lah.
That's all I guess.
Like always, wrap all activities in a single entry.
It feels good okay, to just sit back and relax and not bother about blogging sometimes, okay, every time.
Bila duduk rumah nih,
aku lebih suka rilex mengadap movie dekat laptop.

this Saturday until next Tuesday kan,
I will be in KL *insyaAllah
Lets see how am I doing in KL with the stitches still on my gum.
Balik from KL on the 12th at night, on 13th pagi-pagi dah pergi dentist bukak stitches.

Till then,
aku nak rehat sambil tengok movie.
My mom's in KL :(
No one to cook bubur ayam for me except makcik kedai.
But again, I can bermanja with my dad and siblings for the week :P

Ditto! :D

p/s: Introducing, my sis' pets, Bubu and Bobo.

This is Bobo.
He's super fat and fluffy.
But he loves to bite.
A lot.
He loves sleeping,
and again,
He NEVER runs on his wheely coz he can't fit it.

And this is Bubu.
He's so small.
But super cute.
This is the biggest he can be.
He loves running on his wheely, 
a LOT!
He never bites, 
so you can pet him always,
but careful,
he's super fast
He had once escape from my sis hand and we turn the house upside down to search for him.
He's my favourite! :D

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